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Securing Your Home with Double Glazed Windows and Doors

Burglars often try to gain entry into a house by forcing open a window or door or breaking the glass. Ensuring that your window and door security is robust is crucial and surprisingly inexpensive. Inspect all ground floor double glazed windows and double glazed doors to ensure no hinges or locks are loose and that the frames are strong and free from rot or rust. Locks on skylights or fanlights are also advisable. Visible window locks from the outside can deter thieves, as breaking glass is noisy and difficult.

Despite the importance of security, many people do not take precautionary measures. While gadgets can't replace common sense, our customers can benefit from technological advancements that provide comfort and confidence in the quality and design of locks and security mechanisms on our energy efficient windows.

Many clients who previously used aluminium windows found the locking mechanisms inadequate. Most aluminium windows have locking handles that meet insurance standards but are not particularly secure, as the handle, not the window, is locked. Basic handles can break under pressure or become loose from the frame. Similarly, popular wooden casements have casement locks screwed to the window rather than the frame, making them weaker. Casement windows need to be locked by securing the window to the frame.

We ensure our clients have multi locks, double locking handles, and hinge side security devices where appropriate, for extra security. Our hardware selection is tamper-proof, anti-bump, and drill-resistant. These measures are highly effective and difficult to breach. For those with heightened security concerns, our double glazed windows and doors can include special security systems at an additional cost. Please specify your security needs when requesting a quote.

Two main types of locking systems are:

  • Espagnolette or multi-point locking: These bolts (usually 3 sets) are set into the window and lock into points in the frame when the handle is turned. The mushroom-headed bolts engage behind the locking point, preventing the window from being forced apart from the frame.

  • Deadlock shoot bolts: These bolts secure the opening side corners into the frame. A deadlock also secures the opening side of the window at the handle. High-security friction hinges can be fitted to the frame on the hinge side for additional security.

For added strength, sections of hardened aluminium or galvanised steel reinforcements are fitted within the hollow profiles of the frames, allowing the locking systems to be secured through the upvc double glazed windows into the reinforcements. Additionally, all our windows have internal beading to prevent the glass from being removed from the outside.

Double glazed windows are challenging to break, and if broken, they create a lot of noise. Our window units come with security systems like multi-point locks, double-locking handles, and hinge-side security devices. Upvc windows are difficult to force open from the outside due to their tight seal around the glass and resistance to shrinking, unlike wooden frames.

Our custom-made windows and doors cater to our clients' lifestyles and exceed expectations. We prioritize your security by developing advanced window and door locking mechanisms to protect against intruders. Manufactured in Sydney, our products uphold the highest security standards.

Every effort ensures your new windows and doors keep your home secure and intruders out. Contact us to learn how our double glazed windows and doors can enhance your home security.