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BASIX Compliance


With increasing concerns about the environmental impact of traditional building practices, the government has introduced measures to minimize long-term effects on the environment. By incorporating our double glazed windows and double glazed doors into your home, you can significantly enhance its energy rating. Double glazing offers superior thermal performance compared to single glazing, and uPVC outperforms aluminum. Additionally, strategic placement of windows and doors can maximize natural light while limiting exposure to midday summer sun, utilizing shade from trees, buildings, orientation, and other factors. We also provide consulting and design services to ensure optimal results for your long-term satisfaction.

The primary benefit of our double glazed windows and doors is the sustainable energy savings they provide, which will save you money and benefit the environment. Larger glass areas and an increased number of windows and doors amplify these benefits. Insulation is key, as up to 40% of heat/cold transfer occurs through windows and doors, regardless of your heater or air conditioner's efficiency.

Our customers experience immediate improvements in comfort and noise reduction after installation. Contrary to popular belief, double glazing is not just for cold climates; uPVC double glazed windows and doors have been used for decades in the desert climates of the Middle East. These windows reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer.

Government initiatives like the BASIX legislation and the Building Energy Efficiency Disclosure Act 2010, effective from November 1, 2010, mandate the disclosure of energy performance for commercial premises. This is standardized through the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS). Our products appeal to environmentally conscious customers and those seeking high performance. Visit our showroom or factory to learn more from our technicians and decide if our products suit your needs. Utilize our energy efficiency consultancy service to improve your property's rating with double glazing.