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Climate Control


Our double glazed windows and double glazed doors provide superior insulation, keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer, which reduces heating and air-conditioning costs. We combine the best of German engineering with cutting-edge scientific developments to offer an ingenious solution against climate change. With our energy efficient windows, your home will be a well-insulated haven, unaffected by global warming.

Solar energy's impact on architecture is often underestimated. For example, on a sunny January day in Sydney, we recorded 7kW of solar energy per hour, enough to run various home appliances, including air conditioners and heaters. This energy heats your home even as you try to cool it. However, using high-quality materials like uPVC double glazed windows and double glazed doors can withstand UV rays and enhance your home's insulation.

Poorly insulated windows can allow up to 40% of heat or cold to escape, depending on the season. Would you buy an appliance that only operates at 60% capacity? Similarly, if your windows and doors have a poor U-value score, your heating and cooling efforts are compromised. The U-value measures a product's ability to prevent heat escape; a lower U-value indicates better insulation.

Ordinary single glazed aluminium and wooden windows often have insufficient sealing, leading to draughts. Even thermally enhanced windows that aren't airtight will negate any benefits. Attempting to heat or cool a home with poorly performing windows is wasteful. Effective weather sealing is essential, especially in coastal or mountainous areas where wind can be destructive.

Non-airtight windows are also not watertight. In storms, exposure to wind and water makes poorly sealed windows draughty and leaky. Some regions of Australia require impact-resistant windows for cyclone protection. Our double glazed windows and doors offer similar performance, providing your family with protection and security. These windows feature safety glass in a heavy-duty frame to minimize wind and debris impact during a cyclone.

A broken window during a cyclone lets in wind, increasing pressure and causing extensive damage. This pressure difference can result in a building losing its roof or walls. Proper windows deflect wind and direct it around the building, preventing such damage.

Ensure your home's windows and doors are not weak points. Choose uPVC double glazed windows and double glazed doors for structural strength and wind resistance, ideal for emergencies. These windows and doors are a cost-effective alternative to cyclone shutters, ensuring safety, comfort, increased home resale value, and environmental benefits.