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Corrosion Resistance


Our double glazed windows and doors are designed to perform exceptionally in various challenging environments where other materials may fail. The unique properties of uPVC ensure that the frame maintains high tensile strength and modulus over a moderate temperature range, features low thermal conductivity, and has excellent chemical and corrosion resistance to aggressive substances. Generally, uPVC boasts good acid and alkali resistance, excellent vapor barrier properties, and superior UV resistance.

uPVC frames offer many construction advantages, such as inherent corrosion resistance, lightweight, ease of fabrication, and other labor-saving characteristics. Moreover, uPVC frames are precision-engineered and can be manufactured to a tolerance of +/-3mm, perfect for demanding architectural applications. Our energy-efficient uPVC double glazed windows and doors, manufactured in Sydney, set the standard for quality and reliability.

Window Factory's double glazed uPVC windows and doors absorb less than 0.1% moisture, unlike timber windows. Additionally, our uniquely designed weep holes and weather-stripping provide superior water resistance. uPVC is resistant to water damage and humid environments, ensuring it does not deteriorate like wood. Water infiltration tests reveal no water leakage for 15 minutes at 1500 pascals, significantly surpassing the minimum requirement of 400 pascals. The water flow rate under test conditions was measured at 0.5 liters/sq m.sec. The unique drainage weep holes and weather-stripping system make our window system highly effective against water infiltration.