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High Performance


Our UPVC double glazed windows and doors excel in acoustic insulation, energy efficiency, safety, security, and cost effectiveness compared to aluminium or wooden framed options. We offer the best combination of performance and price competitiveness to ensure excellent value for money.

The exceptional performance of our double glazed windows and doors has been confirmed by independent accredited laboratories, with results surpassing all expectations. Our products comply with BASIX and local council requirements, featuring an average U-value of 1.8—more than three times better than the standard aluminium window’s U-value of 5.8. Our double glazed UPVC windows and doors achieve an acoustic rating of up to 45Rw, whereas standard aluminium or wooden windows only provide 35Rw. The air leakage rate is well below the requirement for air-conditioned buildings, at 0.48 litres and 0.68 litres for inbound and outbound, respectively. Our windows demonstrate water penetration resistance of 1,500 Pascals for 15 minutes before passing the 400 Pascals test, significantly outperforming typical aluminium and wood windows, which range from 150-400 Pascals. Our windows also passed the ultimate strength test at 3,300 Pascals, compared to the 1,000 Pascals for competitor aluminium windows.

The UV weathering test results indicate that our German profile supplier meets the quality requirements for hot climatic zones, withstanding radiation up to 180kcal/cm squared/a. Ongoing tests in regions with global radiation of 200kcal/cm squared/a are yielding promising preliminary results.

The hardware on our windows and doors has been rigorously tested for the equivalent of 10,000 operation cycles, ensuring high performance in terms of reliability, durability, safety, and security. Due to the additional stress from the extra glass weight in the Insulated Glass Unit, we use only the best heavy-duty hardware from trusted suppliers. We can provide hardware for any application and offer free advice on child safety devices, locks, restrictors, anti-vandal, and security features.

Please note that while these results offer a general overview, even greater performance can be achieved in many applications. For instance, although a double glazed window has a certain Rw rating indicating acoustic insulation qualities, performance variations across frequency ranges can be further enhanced by adjusting the glass width and lamination based on noise exposure or application.