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Low Maintenace


For years, we have been the premier choice for supplying new and replacement windows with an innovative range of low-maintenance, high-quality uPVC windows and doors. Our double glazed windows and double glazed doors are the top choice for intelligent consumers who appreciate superior performance. Not only do our products meet the minimum building standards, but they also exceed them by a large margin, contributing to a long, trouble-free life.

The low-maintenance features of our uPVC double glazed products are due to the inherent qualities of uPVC that make it an ideal frame material: durability, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation, tensile strength, and weather resistance. Advances in science have allowed us to integrate UV protection necessary for the harsh Australian sun, ensuring many years of attractive appearance. uPVC used for window frames is harder than wood and will not leak or rot like timber windows. Its corrosion resistance to most chemicals, particularly salt, makes it ideal for coastal applications as an alternative to aluminium, which is easily damaged.

uPVC frames never need to be oiled, chemically treated, sanded, or polished. Cleaning the glass regularly with a glass cleaner is sufficient, and the actual frame rarely requires thorough cleaning. A commonsense approach, such as watching for obstructions like leaves, debris, and pebbles near doorways or inside the frame, ensures trouble-free operation.

For tougher stains, we recommend either water or a very mild detergent. If needed, contact us for appropriate cleaning solutions or methods. Our standard white coloured profile ensures that scratches won't be obvious, as it is the same colour inside and out.

Designed for a long lifespan, our profiles extend beyond standard industry warranties and will never rot or corrode. We use premium-extruded vinyl, which prevents peeling and pitting of window frames, sometimes evident in cheap Chinese imports. The sloped design, waterholes, and weather-stripping protect against water and air infiltration. uPVC is self-extinguishing and non-combustible, making it suitable for use in bushfire risk zones. Even our basic handle and lock secure the window at multiple points for improved security. Our commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices and environmentally friendly credentials make uPVC double glazed windows and doors even more attractive to the green consumer. Energy-efficient windows will be the driving force of the building and construction industry in the future, so stay at the forefront of new developments in technology and avoid the endless problems associated with aluminium and wooden windows!

Wooden windows, unfortunately, are subject to joint failure. Effective preservatives, once lead-based, are no longer used due to health risks, and organic preservatives are unstable. While traditionally window joints were mortice and tenoned and soaked in lead primer before assembly, they are now glued. Wood's ability to absorb water, combined with joint failure, often results in rotten and inoperable windows or doors.

Common complaints about former aluminium windows include difficulty opening, leaks, draughts, frame distortion, loose screws or rivets, and rusty frames or hinges. Why go through the trouble and expense of fixing such windows when there is a better option? uPVC double glazed windows and doors require far less maintenance than aluminium or wooden framed windows and doors. Manufactured in Sydney, our products offer the best in durability and performance.