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Our production facility in Sydney is advanced and far superior to those used by our competitors in China and India. We utilize innovative manufacturing techniques from high-growth industries like nanotechnology, informatics, pervasive computing, analytical instrumentation, and opto-electronics. This allows us to automate production and focus on service through education and training for our staff.

We have identified critical defects in most double glazed windows and double glazed doors, or their parts imported from China and India, regardless of brand reputation. We have witnessed numerous faults, omissions, flaws, and oversights, making the final products unattractive at best and dangerous at worst. Our specialized team of technicians performs repairs on these products, which no one else is prepared to handle.

An intelligent consumer who values learning from the mistakes of others will consider the following:

Glass: Imported glass often has streaking, looping effects, or contaminated inclusions that significantly alter visibility. Ensure that doors have safety glass, which is the minimum requirement of Australian Standards. Float glass in doors can be life-threatening in the event of an accident. Bathroom windows should have obscure safety glass, which is often overlooked with imported products. Many customers believe they have low-e glass, when they actually have ordinary float glass. Thinner glass may be substituted for thicker glass, compromising safety and quality. The cost of replacing broken units and transportation outweighs any price difference for locally made glass.

Frame/Profile: Imported double glazed windows and doors often have inferior frame thickness and lack reinforcement, making them useless for noise insulation and energy efficiency. Most imported uPVC double glazed windows and doors use low-grade profiles with inferior chemical composition, including lead and no UV protection. This leads to quick degeneration, color changes, and structural failures.

Hardware: Hardware imported from China rarely passes the equivalent of a three-year operational cycle test. In coastal areas, Chinese hardware, lacking corrosion protection, requires extensive maintenance. Improper hardware installation can cause the sash to fall out of the frame, posing safety risks.

To learn more about our uPVC double glazed windows and doors, manufactured to the highest standards, visit our product specifications and technical pages.

By purchasing your windows and doors from us, you ensure that all components are manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards. Our sophisticated and high-performance windows and doors offer value for money by being lean, cost-efficient, and passing savings onto our clients. Buying direct from a local manufacturer eliminates the need for an expensive middleman, reduces transportation costs, and supports the local economy.

Our industry is undergoing rapid change, and we are well-positioned for sustainable growth by staying close to customers and their needs. We have a competitive advantage over competitors who import from China and India:

Customization: There is a growing demand for double glazed windows and doors customized for noise insulation, energy efficiency, luxury residences, and environmentally friendly buildings.

Collaboration & Commercialization: We collaborate with customers, architects, and builders in new product development, building strong relationships and repeat business. Competitors importing from China are less adaptable to change and customer needs.

Adopting New Technologies & Streamlining Processes: We develop new products using technology from large corporations. By adopting the latest programmable controllers, industrial computers, servo drives, and composite materials, our machinery is always upgraded.

The cheap prices of Chinese and Indian manufacturers are due to inferior components and non-existent quality assessments. Factory workers in these countries are paid very little, work in poor conditions, and lack superannuation. By contrast, our staff work in a comfortable environment with strict adherence to Occupational Health and Safety. Advanced manufacturing methods allow for precision, shortened production time, and re-skilling of our staff.

Many raw materials are imported, as there are no local manufacturers for uPVC window hardware, plastic extrusion, and rubber seals. The labor content of cutting, welding, drilling, screwing, and assembly meets the criteria for our products to be deemed 'Australian Made.' Our double glazed windows and doors exceed Australian Standards due to careful supplier selection and advanced manufacturing techniques. Competitors who resell windows and doors made in China cannot control quality, leading to additional costs, shipping delays, and long-term maintenance expenses for consumers.