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Noise Insulation


Do you enjoy living in a vibrant location close to good schools, trendy shops, and convenient transport? Or perhaps you have neighbors who host late-night parties or are perpetually renovating? Maybe your teenage children prefer playing loud heavy metal music, which doesn't align with your tastes? If you've found yourself wishing to escape the noisy and hectic atmosphere, you're not alone. Noise pollution is often underestimated, yet it significantly affects human and animal health.

Research indicates that continuous exposure to noise levels at or above 65 dB can increase blood pressure and stress, as evidenced by higher adrenaline levels in the blood. Prolonged exposure to high noise levels can also damage the delicate hair cells in your inner ear, leading to hearing loss. Noise has also been linked to headaches, migraines, and gastric problems. About 10% of people in industrialized areas suffer from substantial hearing loss, and children in the USA experience hearing impairment at a rate 250% higher than previous generations. Noise-induced hearing loss, though preventable, is permanent! Instead of reaching for multivitamins or sleeping pills to combat interrupted sleep (caused by noise levels over 30 dB), address the root of the problem: install double glazed windows and double glazed doors to eliminate unwanted noise. It's no surprise that many of our clients report significant lifestyle improvements after installation. Review the table below to see if you and your family are at risk.

Humans can tolerate noise levels up to 120 dB, but severe discomfort typically begins above 50 dB. The nuisance factor of noise depends on its frequency and type, with most people finding aircraft noise more bothersome than children's laughter or birdsong. Identifying the type of noise you wish to insulate against is crucial, as there are thousands of glazing combinations available to optimize results for your specific needs.

How UPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors Reduce Noise The extraordinary performance of UPVC double glazed windows and doors in acoustic insulation, energy efficiency, low maintenance, ease of operation, and unique design is due to advanced quality components, such as:

  • Superior quality German profile with UV resistance and high impact strength.

  • Multiple chambers in both frame and sash for enhanced heat and noise insulation.

  • Structural stability from aluminum or steel reinforcement in the central cavity.

  • 32 mm insulated glass units with numerous glass combinations for various applications.

  • Dual high compression seals for effective air-tightness and acoustic insulation.

Technological advancements have enabled us to source top-notch hardware, ensuring trouble-free operation and added security with multi-locking mechanisms in every window, allowing for some customization. The manufacturing process involves welding rather than mechanical joining, offering structural durability and preventing water or air leaks.

uPVC units, with their welded construction and multiple chambers, combined with appropriate glass in a 32 mm insulated glass unit, provide excellent acoustic insulation, reducing noise by 40-45 dB. This can significantly improve your sleep, reduce stress, and increase your home's resale value. The multi-chamber design creates a double barrier that reflects sound waves and redirects them, weakening their strength. This results in a significant reduction in noise levels specific to our double glazed windows and doors.

For enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation, double seals are used between the sash and frame, ensuring excellent weatherproofing and noise insulation when closed. The fusion-welded UPVC profile for frames and sashes prevents leaks and gaps that can occur with mechanically joined windows and doors. There is a direct correlation between air-tightness and insulation performance, with gaskets and proper installation being critical. Inferior gaskets and poorly installed double glazed windows and doors can reduce noise insulation by 5-20 dB. With our products, a complete air and watertight environment ensures optimal acoustic and thermal insulation.

Acoustic glazing can further enhance performance. Research shows that combining glass of different thicknesses (asymmetric glazing) reduces perceptible noise levels better than double glazing with identical glass panes. For high-frequency noise, laminated glass can provide an additional 3-5 dB reduction, especially with asymmetric glazing. Laminated glass, commonly used as safety glass, remains attached to the lamination during breakage. Using lamination and asymmetric glazing can further improve the performance of your double glazed windows and doors. The most important factor for acoustic insulation is glass thickness; generally, thicker glass offers better noise reduction.

Remember, the acoustic efficiency of our double glazed windows and doors, potentially up to 45 dB, applies only when they are closed. If the windows and doors are open, noise insulation benefits are significantly reduced. For clients who prefer fresh air but also want acoustic insulation, we recommend opening all windows and doors for short intervals throughout the day to take advantage of cross-ventilation while keeping them closed at other times.

In new constructions, it's useful to balance ventilation needs with acoustic insulation. For areas affected by highway or aircraft noise, consulting an acoustics engineer can maximize results. Even if there's no immediate need for insulation, consider the importance of designing spaces for optimal reverberation time and clarity of speech.

Other factors to consider include the size and style of windows. Some window types, regardless of frame material or glazing, perform better in noise insulation. For example, sliding windows and doors are the least thermally and acoustically efficient. Smaller sash sizes in awning windows can provide wider openings for ventilation and noise insulation. Coupling opening double glazed windows and doors with fixed panels can create stunning glass features.

The durability of UPVC and high-quality hardware ensures many years of trouble-free use. They don't warp, fade, or crack and require minimal maintenance. Your double glazed windows and doors will be low-maintenance, offering noise insulation benefits with minimal effort.

Don't compromise on your family's health and well-being—install our double glazed windows and doors. Direct from the factory to your home, you'll be pleasantly surprised by their affordability. With no big company mark-ups or sales commissions, you pay less! Check our Acoustic Reports for more information and discover silence as medicine for your body and soul.