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UV Resistance


Ultra violet radiation can significantly damage window frames, leading to cracked paint and discolored patches on painted windows. Our uPVC double glazed windows and doors, made with Polyurethane, resist fading and cracking from sunlight exposure. These energy efficient windows require no polishing or painting to maintain UV protection.

Un-reinforced uPVC window profiles often lack the necessary rigidity and have a high coefficient of expansion, which can cause distortion. To prevent this, we reinforce all our double glazed windows and doors with either aluminium or steel, depending on customer requirements. This internal reinforcement ensures the frames remain stiff and do not warp or twist under heat or pressure. While both materials are effective, aluminium is preferred by many for its lighter weight and resistance to rust.

Our extrusions undergo rigorous UV radiation testing in extreme desert and mountain conditions, ensuring they are formulated to withstand Australian weather. Manufactured in Sydney, our profiles are built to endure the harsh sun without damage.

Some competitors, unaware of the correct extrusion composition and performance, may claim that uPVC window frames will melt like Polyethylene used in shopping bags. We have never received any complaints about melting and offer test samples for you to verify our claims.

We believe our customers are intelligent consumers who can distinguish between myths and facts. Our consultants uphold the highest professional standards and will only provide you with products that meet your needs.