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Delivery Schedule


We are committed to delivering double glazed windows and double glazed doors as quickly as possible to uphold our high standards of service and efficiency. Typically, delivery takes place 2-6 weeks after the order, on a mutually agreed date. However, delivery times depend on the size and complexity of your order, as well as your location.

Deliveries can be staged at the request of the client, builder, project manager, or architect, but each delivery will incur a fee. While we are willing to accommodate urgent orders, please note that prioritizing one item can disrupt our production schedule and create bottlenecks, potentially delaying the rest of the double glazed windows and doors. We encourage clients, builders, architects, and project managers to consult with us during the planning stage to manage and mitigate potential issues, thus minimizing the need for urgent orders that can increase costs unnecessarily.

We offer a multi-drop off option for customers with fewer double glazed windows and doors, who are willing to share the delivery truck to save costs. In a multi-point drop-off scenario, customers rely on each other's availability. Therefore, cancellations by one or more customers can delay the remaining deliveries. We strive to accommodate everyone’s first preference and optimize the delivery schedule to minimize wait times. However, cancellations, client changes, or external factors (such as floods, cyclones, bushfires, strikes, or power failures) can cause delays. Even though we have contingency plans, clients should be prepared for possible changes.

Customers are also welcome to arrange their own pickup of double glazed windows and doors from our Sydney manufacturing facility.

We deliver to the kerbside. Please notify us if you anticipate access problems to prevent delays. If there are gates and security, ensure we have appropriate clearance or inform the security personnel. If access is not possible or there is no authorized person to receive the goods, we reserve the right to withdraw the delivery, and a new delivery (at a fee) will be scheduled.

To facilitate a smooth delivery process for your double glazed windows and doors, please arrange temporary parking at the kerbside, in a driveway, or near the site. Also, inform us of any height restrictions due to overhead wires, cables, or bridges.

Changes to your order, even if they do not affect the number of double glazed window and door items, can impact the delivery date. Significant changes in size and style may necessitate a larger truck for delivering your upvc double glazed windows and energy efficient windows.