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Measuring You Window


The most crucial part of installing double glazed windows and double glazed doors happens before placing your order. Accurate measurement of your old window openings is vital. Custom-built UPVC double glazed windows and doors cannot be returned if the ordered size is wrong. Therefore, for all replacement windows and doors, and certain new constructions, our trained technicians will take their own measurements before manufacture in Sydney. Our energy efficient windows are manufactured with high precision to ensure the best fit possible.

Use these instructions for cost estimation purposes only: To measure the width, take the frame size from wall to wall in three places: near the top, middle, and bottom of the window. Decide if you want to keep the same number of openings and if the size allows it. To measure the height, measure from the top of the window cavity to the bottom.

Assuming all your windows are the same size is a mistake. Create a rough sketch of your house and number each window you plan to replace, then measure each one separately. Fixed panels separated by beams or brickwork are treated as separate double glazed window panels and priced accordingly.

We do not stock standard windows and doors; each double glazed window and door is custom-made to your specifications.

Sizes should be reported in millimeters, width first. To avoid confusion, always label the sizes with width and height, as well as the window number and/or location. Typically, there is no significant difference in sizes taken by clients and us. We generally absorb the cost of minor rounding or measurement errors, but this does not cover significant mistakes like omitting half the window length.