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Window Sealing


Maintaining the quality and ensuring the performance of your double glazed windows and double glazed doors in any weather is crucial. All gaps must be sealed properly. The best sealant is chosen based on whether the installation was done externally or internally. Various grades of windows, hardware, and sealant quality exist, and we only use high-performance products to avoid compromising window and door quality. Applying a sealant bead at the final installation stages ensures no draughts or water penetration, leaving the installation neat and attractive.

Many assume all silicone gels are the same, but we’ve discovered significant differences in their properties and suitability. Silicone descriptions often lack detail about the correct grade and type for specific applications, and performance varies widely. No single silicone sealant type is suitable for all purposes. Incorrect silicone or improper application can lead to joint failure, surface contamination, or excessive movement in the sealed joint. To prevent surface contamination, the installer must ensure surfaces are clean, all protective tape is removed, and no residue is left. For deep or wide joints, foam packer rod can be used to fill the recess.