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All our double glazed windows and doors systems undergo rigorous internal quality testing and independent evaluation by NATA accredited laboratories. Ensuring a long life and trouble-free operation with numerous energy-efficient and acoustic benefits is a top priority, achieved through meticulous quality control in our manufacturing facility in Sydney.

Investing in uPVC double glazed windows and doors is not just for aesthetics; it signifies advanced technology, superior performance, safety, and security. Our vinyl double glazed products undergo comprehensive testing to Australian Standards and building regulations, guaranteeing that your windows meet and often exceed the minimum requirements for Australian manufacturers.

Our vinyl window and door products have been subjected to the following assessments:

  • Water Penetration Test: Evaluating the window's ability to prevent water ingress.

  • Air Infiltration Test: Measuring air leakage to ensure optimal energy and acoustic performance.

  • Ultimate Strength Tests: Testing resilience to negative and positive wind pressures.

  • Deflection Test: Assessing maximum deflection limits under wind pressure.

  • Operating Force Test: Verifying the ease of operation of moving parts without strain.

These tests involve simulating real-life conditions such as operating force, air infiltration, high wind, rain, and noise reverberation to ensure the windows withstand daily use and extreme weather conditions.

The following test reports are provided for informational and comparative purposes only and are subject to change without notice. Despite our efforts to present the most accurate and useful information, we do not warrant the documents as error-free. Double Glazed Windows and Doors disclaim any liability related to these documents.