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Upvc Profile Colours


We provide a diverse color range for all window types, featuring a special coating color palette and faux wood texture designs. Customers can match the frame color to their home's exterior paint, and specifiers can use color to achieve minimalistic abstraction or metaphorical association. Our double glazed windows, double glazed doors, and uPVC double glazed windows are known for being energy efficient windows, all manufactured in Sydney.

Our color profiles are crafted so the profile beneath the veneer matches the veneer color, preventing white fragments from showing if the surface is damaged. This does not apply to basic colors, where the profile beneath is white with a thin color laminate on the surface.

For basic colors, customers can choose to color one or both sides, and the interior color can differ from the exterior color. The woodgrain profile is generally a bit more expensive than the basic color option. Refer to the Schema of the Color Palette for UPVC Frame and Sash Profile Table for your choices.