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As a leading international manufacturer of double glazed door and window hardware, Maco takes great pride in not only the products they research, design, and manufacture but also the service that supports their sale. Their double glazed windows and double glazed doors, manufactured in Sydney, are renowned for their quality and reliability.

To support their market-leading Security Espagnolette systems, Maco has created a secure scheme to work in partnership with customers, fabricators, and installers. Maco Secure guarantees the performance of their upvc double glazed windows and door hardware against break-ins through product failure. Should there be an unlikely event of a break-in through the double glazed window hardware, Maco Secure will reimburse any insurance excesses up to a maximum.

Founded in 1949 in Austria, the Maco Group is now celebrating over 60 years in the industry. They continue to drive the market forward, constantly pushing the boundaries of concept, design, and production of specialized double glazed window and door hardware. With a track record demonstrating excellence in engineering and concept, they have earned awards and critical acclaim worldwide.

No one likes to think about the possibility and consequences of an intruder breaking into their home. Unfortunately, we live in increasingly insecure times. Investing in high-quality security Maco products will give you the confidence that your energy efficient windows and doors will not only look good but will also provide you with the best defense against forced entry for years to come.

Careful consideration of the security of your property is the key to providing an effective deterrent against potential intruders. Maco's continuing innovation of quality upvc window and door hardware pieces ensures that you will always be one step ahead in the fight against crime.

All upvc window and door hardware undergo stringent industry-recognized testing procedures relating to security and corrosion resistance. Maco Shootbolt espagnolettes for casement double glazed windows provide a strong deterrent against break-ins by means of a protruding shootbolt at each end and a combination of IS (Intelligent Security) locking cams along the length of the gearing. Coupled with specifically designed striker plates that lock the double glazed window shut and prevent jamming it open from all directions, Maco Hinge Protectors used in conjunction with the friction hinges further protect the window against attack.

The Maco Shootbolt Espagnolette system for casement windows incorporates all the benefits of safety and security expected of modern double glazing upvc window technology in today's environment. They have been rigorously tested for high security and performance above the requirements of industry standards. For performance, they have been endurance tested to 40,000 operations and have been salt spray tested for 500 hours, passing these tests every time.

Maco IS (Intelligent Security) Tilt Turn systems provide exceptional security benefits by means of security mushroom locking points. Their mushroom-headed design locks into a channel on the striker plates, sealing the window shut and at the same time preventing an intruder from jamming the window open in any direction.

Your doors are an important method of securing your home while also creating a great first impression. The right upvc door not only adds character to your property but also provides you with the knowledge that you have made the best decision in protecting your family and personal possessions.

In buying your new double glazed pvc door fitted with Maco hardware, you can take comfort in knowing that Maco is one of the world's largest and most respected manufacturers of double glazed door and window hardware.