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High Quality Hardware


We have curated a selection of the finest and most innovative window hardware from internationally renowned suppliers to offer our clients unparalleled value and reliability in the operation of our double glazed windows and double glazed doors. We primarily use hardware from Roto, Siegenia-Aubi, Maco, Dr Hahn, Hautau, and Häfele, with most components imported from Germany, Austria, Italy, or the United Kingdom. Even our basic range incorporates security, energy efficiency, durability, and comfort through careful selection of top-performing pieces, ensuring a trouble-free operational life. Clients can upgrade to higher performance levels based on their priorities, with options ranging from remote-controlled windows and doors to solutions for high-traffic applications, all tailored to meet the client’s needs and budget.

Roto hardware provides integrated security, convenience, durability, and easy installation. Their commitment to excellence, backed by global research, development, and manufacturing resources, allows Roto to offer optimal solutions that meet our clients’ specific requirements. Roto is known for innovation and advanced system solutions, earning the trust of architects, craftsmen, and builders through their branded products that deliver significant benefits.

Siegenia-Aubi excels in developing innovative products for demanding customer requirements, focusing on safety and a comfortable living environment. Their hardware is known for high operating convenience, long life, and security, making it highly efficient for assembly in uPVC double glazed windows. Their flexible manufacturing process ensures a positive fit of the component in the receiver groove, even before screwing on, thanks to their unique auto claw design.

Maco, with over 60 years of experience, is a leading manufacturer of door and window hardware. They invest heavily in research, development, and quality control, manufacturing over 2 billion components annually. Maco’s continuous innovation in security products ensures clients are always ahead in the fight against crime. Their products undergo stringent industry-recognized testing for security and corrosion resistance.

Dr Hahn combines decades of experience with market closeness, engaging in constant dialogue with customers to identify trends and developments in door construction. Their investment in cutting-edge production technology enables them to manufacture custom-tailored solutions. Dr Hahn’s hinges, used worldwide, blend contemporary design with durability, undergoing diverse strain tests daily to ensure reliability.

Hautau offers advanced hardware solutions for modern windows, meeting complex requirements with first-class window fittings and building control systems for smoke and heat exhaust and ventilation. Hautau has filed for and been granted approximately 400 patents and usage samples throughout its history.

Häfele hardware is featured in many prestigious buildings across Australia and is becoming a leading brand in Australian architectural hardware. Proven in various construction projects, Häfele is trusted in hotels, resorts, commercial buildings, residential developments, educational establishments, and more.

Quality hardware is essential for double glazed windows and double glazed doors due to the additional glass weight and weatherproof qualities required. Although quality hardware is priced accordingly, we avoid cheapening our products with inferior Chinese imitations. Our product pages detail the relevant basic hardware components for your information and comparison. Please feel free to ask us any questions or seek advice.