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Understanding UPVC in Double Glazed Windows and Doors

UPVC, or Un-plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, is a rigid plastic material ideal for double glazed windows and double glazed doors due to its numerous beneficial properties:

  • It does not rot or decompose biologically, thus not attracting termites.

  • It is resistant to weathering with minimal maintenance.

  • It has high impact resistance.

  • It is thermally efficient, making it perfect for energy efficient windows.

  • It retains its shape in extreme temperatures.

  • It is recyclable by reshaping at high temperatures.

PVCu vs UPVC in Vinyl Double Glazing

There is no difference between PVCu and UPVC; both represent Un-plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. Any differences presented by salespeople are misleading. The benefits and composition of UPVC double glazed windows are identical, regardless of the acronym used.

Reinforcement with Steel or Aluminium?

Both steel and aluminium reinforcement work well. Claims favoring one over the other are often exaggerated. Steel is stronger but prone to rust if its galvanization is compromised. Aluminium, though slightly weaker, does not rust. When screws penetrate galvanized steel, swarf removal can lead to localized rust, which does not spread. We manufacture in Sydney to builder or architect specifications, offering flexibility to ensure you enjoy all the benefits of double glazing.

Toughened Glass vs Laminated Glass for Double Glazing

Toughened and laminated glass in double glazed windows and doors are both safety glass types. Toughened glass shatters into small, blunt pieces, minimizing injury risk, while laminated glass cracks but stays intact due to a laminate layer, offering better security and insulation. Laminated glass is thicker and heavier, which may affect hinge wear. Legal requirements may mandate safety glass in certain areas. Choose based on your specific needs, not just cost.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PVC in Double Glazed Window Frames vs Aluminium and Wood


  • Excellent insulation

  • Low maintenance

  • Energy efficient

  • Recyclable

  • Available in various colors

  • Resistant to salt corrosion

  • Termite-proof

  • Does not warp, chip, or rust

  • UV protection

  • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly


  • Aluminium is slimmer

  • Wood offers a traditional aesthetic

Caring for UPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors

Clean and oil visible moving metal parts, like door locks and window hinges, once or twice a year. Avoid using liquid detergent on seals; instead, use cream cleanser in warm water. Keep sliding patio door tracks clear of mud, grit, and dust, and avoid lubrication to prevent particle buildup.

Internal vs Externally Glazed Windows

Internally glazed windows have glazing beads inside, enhancing security by preventing glass removal from outside. Externally glazed windows have beads outside. Internally glazed PVCu systems often feature welded transoms and mullions, while externally glazed systems use mechanical fixing. For higher buildings, internal glazing is easier as most work is done from inside. We offer both options for our double glazed windows and doors.

UPVC Double Glazed Windows in Australian Conditions

Contrary to some claims, UPVC double glazed windows are highly durable in Australian conditions. These windows are made from rigid plastic, outperforming wood and aluminium in various aspects. Salespeople from competing companies may spread misinformation due to a lack of technical knowledge or to secure sales. Many of these companies are now developing UPVC windows after recognizing their superior performance. Trust the durability and quality of UPVC double glazed windows from a reputable manufacturer in Sydney.

Secondary (Double) Glazing

Secondary glazing involves installing an additional window inside your existing one, improving insulation and noise reduction, especially beneficial in noisy areas or heritage buildings where window replacement is not feasible.

Supply-Only Double Glazed Windows

Yes, we offer supply-only options for double glazed windows and provide free consultations for builders unfamiliar with PVC window frames to ensure smooth installation.


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