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Handling and Storage


Proper Storage of Double Glazed Windows and Doors

When your double glazed windows and double glazed doors arrive at your home or construction site, prompt installation is ideal to reduce the risk of accidental damage. If immediate installation isn't feasible due to other ongoing work, store the double glazed window and door frames and glass in a separate, low-traffic area to minimize movement.

Glass requires extra care due to safety concerns and the need to reorder any damaged insulated glass units (IGUs) at the customer's expense. If unexpected delays occur, we can arrange for the glass to be delivered later than the frames to decrease the risk of breakage.

Store window and door frames and IGUs indoors or undercover in a secure area inaccessible to children. Keep the protective sticker on the double glazed window and door frames to protect against scratches and dirt. Rugs can cover the frames to prevent damage, but ensure the glass is identifiable underneath. Double Glazed Windows and Doors advise storing glass on an A-frame with stable racking, regular inspections, proper fastening, and weight within loading capacity. If not possible, store glass and IGUs vertically with supported edges and avoid hard material contact, especially for toughened glass. Ensure the storage area is well-lit with clear passageways to minimize worker inconvenience.

Store glass and IGUs in a clean, dry environment with cool, dry air circulation to prevent staining and marking. Avoid direct sunlight as some glass is prone to thermal breakage. If glass arrives wet on a rainy day, dry the panels and restack with separators to improve airflow. Lastly, protect your glass and IGUs from site contamination from building materials.

Handling Double Glazed Windows and Doors

Our double glazed window and door frames are metal-reinforced and fitted with hardware, impacting their weight significantly. Larger double glazed windows and doors are heavier, requiring careful handling. Builders or project managers must ensure their team is trained in safe handling and unpacking of glass and IGUs. Our energy efficient windows, manufactured in Sydney, are designed for durability and high performance.