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Safety First with Double Glazed Windows and Doors

At Double Glazed Windows and Doors, we prioritize the safety of our staff, customers, associates, and the public. We believe that most accidents are preventable, which is why we provide extensive training for our staff to handle various situations. Equipped with knowledge and experience, our team is well-prepared for any uncertainties. Our commitment to safety is reflected in our effective OH&S plan, which not only complies with legal requirements but also aims to exceed them. We continually improve our safety standards to ensure the highest level of protection.

Our Induction Program includes a comprehensive Safety course that covers the Factory, the Road, and the Site. This rigorous training ensures that our staff, whether working with double glazed windows, double glazed doors, or upvc double glazed windows, adhere to strict safety protocols. We manufacture in Sydney and emphasize the importance of energy efficient windows in our products.

Double Glazed Windows and Doors Occupational Health & Safety Policy Includes:

  • Induction

  • Risk Management

  • Accident Prevention

  • Equipment Maintenance

  • First Aid

  • Investigation of Accidents

  • Return to Work Rehabilitation

  • Fire Protection & Training