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Accurate measurement of your old window opening is critical for the installation of uPVC double glazed windows. These windows are custom-built and cannot be returned if the size is incorrect. Therefore, for replacement windows and double glazed doors, and in some new constructions, our trained technicians will take precise measurements before the manufacture in Sydney. Most windows and doors are made with a +/-2 mm accuracy, ensuring the closest fit possible.

We recommend that the installation and glazing of energy efficient windows and double glazed doors be performed by qualified technicians or builders. However, we receive many inquiries from DIY enthusiasts for supply-only options. While we are happy to supply double glazed windows and doors on this basis, some clients' self-installations have compromised the quality of our products. For instance, an uncovered gap between the wall and window can reduce the noise insulation and energy efficiency.

Please note, we are not responsible for incorrect installations we did not perform. Contact the installer if you encounter issues. We have successfully fixed poor installations of double glazed windows and doors, even those from competitors, but there is a fee based on the job's complexity and the number of items involved. We also provide consultation services for builders unfamiliar with uPVC double glazed windows.

To help avoid DIY disasters, we have created installation tips based on our experience correcting problematic installations. This guide is for suggestions rather than a step-by-step process, as each installation may have unforeseen difficulties requiring expert knowledge. Before starting, check the size, style, and position against the order. A correctly installed double glazed window won't be effective if upside-down or meant for another room. uPVC windows are not designed to be load-bearing, so a lintel may be needed above the window. If unsure, consult a qualified fitter or surveyor. The new window should be about 10 mm smaller in height and width than the brick opening. Clear the site, removing curtains, blinds, and ornaments.