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Double Glazed Windows and Doors Installation Guide for Renovations

For a successful installation of double glazed windows and doors, especially UPVC double glazed windows, thorough preparation and proper tools are essential.

Tools Required:

  • Gloves, Goggles

  • Tape Measure, Spirit Level, Pencil

  • Electric Screwdriver

  • Hand Drill with 3, 3.5, or 4mm Drill Bits

  • Screws (various sizes)

  • Saw (for cutting aluminum angles)

  • Expanding Foam

  • Window Packers (1, 3, 7, 12mm)

Initial Preparation:

Clear the installation area by removing blinds, curtains, and any valuable items. Cover floors with rugs to protect them from debris and dirt during the replacement of double glazed windows and doors.

Removing Old Windows and Doors:

Begin by removing the glass and frame of the old window. For small aluminum windows, you might remove the sash with the glass intact. Clean the aperture thoroughly and fill any cavities with aluminum or hardwood to create a secure base for the new window. This is crucial for ensuring the window can be securely screwed in place.

Installing New Double Glazed Windows and Doors:

Position the double glazed window in the aperture and level it horizontally with packers. Use packers on the sides to prevent tilting. Secure the window with 120mm screws, starting at the bottom corners and spacing additional screws 350-400mm apart. Initially, tighten the screws lightly to avoid bending the frame, then fully tighten them.

Sealing for Insulation:

Clean the aperture and the double glazed window with a wet cloth before applying expandable foam and silicon. This ensures proper adhesion and a neat finish. Apply expandable foam to gaps wider than 7mm, let it dry, then trim the excess. Choose a silicon color that matches the window for a stylish look. The silicon provides a waterproof, weatherproof, and noise-proof barrier, enhancing the insulation of the energy efficient windows.


Handle double glazed units with care due to their weight. Use glass suction cups, a rubber or plastic hammer, glass packers, and silicon or plastic glue. Place packers on the bottom section of the frame to keep the glass centered. Attach side packers with silicon or glue to maintain the position. Use suction cups to adjust the glass, then secure it with glazing beads or strips.

Final Steps:

Fit handles and hinge covers where necessary. Test the double glazed window or door to ensure smooth operation and airtight closure. Adjust as needed for comfortable use.

Installing double glazed windows and doors, particularly upvc double glazed windows, can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home. Ensure your installation is done correctly for maximum benefit, especially when these high-quality products are manufactured in Sydney.