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Tilt and Slide Window

Tilt and Slide Window


Colour emphasizes the uniqueness of each house and its owner. Colour creates an atmosphere and determines the non-standard design decisions. The standard colour of the upvc window frame is white, all other colours attract a surcharge and this varies according to the colour chosen. Please inquire about the colour availability and prices with our helpful consultants!
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For homeowners in Sydney, investing in energy efficient windows can lead to significant reductions in heating and cooling costs.

UPVC double glazed windows are favored for their robustness and minimal maintenance needs. The UPVC material is highly resistant to weather conditions, ensuring longevity and sustained performance. These windows are also draft proof, providing a tight seal that prevents air leaks and enhances thermal efficiency.

Performance-wise, double glazed UPVC Tilt and Slide windows excel in noise insulation. The double glazing effectively reduces external noise, creating a tranquil indoor environment ideal for homes in noisy urban settings or near busy roads.

Waterproofing is another key benefit, as the UPVC frames are designed to prevent water penetration, keeping interiors dry even during heavy rainfall. Additionally, these windows offer bushfire resistance, meeting rigorous safety standards to protect homes in fire-prone regions.

UV resistance is a notable advantage, with UPVC material maintaining its integrity and appearance even after prolonged sun exposure. This ensures the windows remain durable and visually appealing over time.

Manufactured in Sydney, double glazed UPVC Tilt and Slide windows offer a range of advantages, including energy efficiency, durability, noise insulation, waterproofing, bushfire resistance, and UV protection. These features make them an ideal choice for homeowners seeking to improve their property's comfort, safety, and overall performance.