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Tilt and Turn Window

Tilt and Turn Window




Colour emphasizes the uniqueness of each house and its owner. Colour creates an atmosphere and determines the non-standard design decisions. The standard colour of the upvc window frame is white, all other colours attract a surcharge and this varies according to the colour chosen. Please inquire about the colour availability and prices with our helpful consultants!
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The tilt and turn mechanism offers unique versatility. In the tilt position, the window opens from the top, allowing secure ventilation without compromising security. In the turn position, the window swings open like a door, providing full access for cleaning and maximum airflow. This dual functionality makes uPVC double glazed windows incredibly convenient and practical for any home.

Energy efficiency is a major advantage of these windows. Double glazed windows significantly reduce heat transfer, helping to keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This leads to lower energy consumption and reduced utility bills, making them truly energy efficient windows. In a city like Sydney, where temperature fluctuations can be significant, having windows that help regulate indoor temperatures is invaluable.

Manufactured in Sydney, these windows are built to withstand local environmental conditions, ensuring they remain effective and attractive over time. The robust nature of uPVC ensures resistance to weathering, corrosion, and UV damage, further extending the lifespan of the windows.

In addition to thermal benefits, double glazed windows offer excellent sound insulation. This is particularly beneficial in urban areas, where reducing external noise can significantly enhance indoor comfort. With their combination of energy efficiency, functionality, and durability, double glazed uPVC tilt and turn windows are an ideal choice for any home.