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Double Glazed Windows and Doors focuses on minimizing costs, which translates into lower prices for our clients. Our dedicated staff continually refine our processes to achieve maximum automation and efficiency, setting high standards in the double glazing industry.

In Australia, manufacturing is often outsourced to countries like China, affecting quality, particularly for durable products like double glazed windows and doors. We maintain a competitive edge by operating a lean business with nearly complete automation, producing superior double-glazed products.

Our factory floor staff are expertly trained in UPVC double glazed windows and doors manufacturing. Our procedures, developed by our engineers and efficiency experts, streamline production, reduce bottlenecks, and incorporate energy-efficient practices.

Our employees, experts in their respective fields, are encouraged to innovate and participate in continuous training, enhancing their sense of achievement, especially in challenging projects involving double glazed windows and doors. We believe in achieving results through hard work, high standards, and continuous improvement. Specialization within our factory improves quality control, speeds up production, and enhances customer satisfaction by providing detailed answers and useful suggestions.

Our workforce undergoes extensive training in manufacturing UPVC double glazed windows and doors, as well as occupational health and safety. This thorough training program, lasting 6-8 months, ensures our staff are highly skilled before working independently.

Our factory utilizes specialized machinery for different production steps. We continuously improve our machinery for faster, more precise results, often customizing them to our needs. We have backup machinery to ensure timely order fulfillment, preventing delays from equipment failure.

Investing in new machinery includes hiring engineers to integrate improvements and provide training. This reduces overheads, benefiting clients with lower prices for UPVC double glazed windows and doors. Our local facility, equipped with advanced technology and staffed by skilled specialists, supports sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing with a social conscience.