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Windows and Doors are a major architectural component in building design, functionality and personality.  With just one stop for all your double glazed needs, our team will help you address thermal, acoustic, air flow, light, aesthethics, compliance and any number of other issues.


Energy saving Our basic pvc double glazed windows achieve an average u-value of 2.2, and can achieve as low as 1.8 with high-performance glazing. This means they are at least 3 times more energy-efficient than the industry typical single glazed aluminium window!

Soundproofing We have a range of window styles with double rubber compression perimeter seals and offer custom laminates with extra thick PVB layer from 6.5mm-19.76mm! The air gap range is 8mm-24mm. Our pvc double glazed windows can achieve upto 45Rw. Our secondary double glazed pvc windows can offer an economical option for maximum performance!

Thermal insulation We can make the windows target a particular area of concern eg too much sun in summer or too cold in winter or both! Our high-performance pvc frames are natural thermal insulators, and in conjunction with double glazing, will reduce the heat transfer to a minimum, ensuring comfort in any weather!

Any fittings We have a wide range of hardware colours including white, ivory, silver, gold, black and others! If you are not excited about our standard range or would like a custom handle, we will happily source it for you from Europe! We also stock biometric locks and motorised window openers/actuators.

Colour Solutions Laminations are available in a wide variety of colours, including black, charcoal, woodgrain finishes in golden oak, walnut, mahogany at additional cost and with a longer lead time. White is the standard colour which is always in stock. Aluminium clip-on is available on opening inwards windows and doors, attached to the external face, which can be powder coated any colour!

Made in Australia All of our pvc double glazed windows are made herewith care in Sydney by a hardworking team of friendly blokes, who take pride in their work! We do not import windows from overseas. Our locally made double glazing is produced using select quality inputs, with high attention to detail and built to last!

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Our advantages

Own Production

Having a factory based in Sydney, we can offer a fast turnaround time of just two weeks on urgent orders!

Our experts

Our experts will answer all questions and give useful advice before ordering our products

Expert Knowledge

Our highly trained staff can advise you on how to solve your particular problems and comply with current regulations. Please don't hesitate to ask questions and enjoy learning how double glazed windows can improve your comfort and life for the better!

Free Measuring

We provide check/measure services, totally obligation-free! Our expert check/measure team will ensure the perfect custom fit windows and doors, every time! Please call for an appointment!

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Why it is profitable to work with us

12 main advantages of working with us

Own production

Having a factory based in Sydney, we can offer a fast turnaround time and have direct control over the quality of the finished products.

Positive reviews

We have a solid track record of meeting and exceeding our customer expectations, please read more in the Reviews section.

Always in stock

We keep extra stock on hand and this is available for urgent items. Perfect if you just need one window!

Any advice

The more detailed your request with what you want to achieve, the more useful the quote and options become. 

Warranty 10 years

All of the inputs used in making our double glazed windows have a 10 year warranty, including: double glazed units, hardware, and window frames. 

Great experience

We genuinely wish you to be happy with our windows and do our best to fit into your timeframe and communicate with your builder, so everyone is proud of the end result!

Short time

From time to time we can offer urgent turnaround times at no additional cost, during our busy periods we can make an order outside of the production queue at a premium.

Low price

We can offer both entry-level basic option, as well as options to upgrade, and we remain competitive because of our low margins.

Without intermediaries

You can have a great price and direct access to advice and information as well as new developments in technology to have the best value for money!

Free shipping

Please contact us to check if you qualify for free shipping, depending on size and quantity of inputs, we can offer free delivery to some locations in Sydney.

Discount system

Its possible to either receive a volume based discount for a houseful-lot, or receive a return customer discount when completing the renovation in stages.

Made in Australia

When you purchase from us, you are supporting other Australians and Australian businesses: employees, partners, suppliers, and the community!

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A little about our windows

Our double glazed pvc windows are made with passion, to achieve and exceed the customer expectations! This is why our double glazing solutions boast exceptional results when it comes to compliance. We can solve all your problems, even jointly: meeting BASIX certificate requirements, bushfire compliance, acoustic ratings, child safety compliance, wheel chair access compliance, cyclone strength wind ratings, security applications including blast and bullet resistance! 

Upvc double glazed windows can make you and your family happier by creating a comfortable space sparking many beautiful memories in your home. Create a home that feels like a holiday every day with our high performance double glazed windows!


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